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Medical Data Management

Need a one-time or long-term help with healthcare database problems? Let us be your guide.

HL7, ICD, CPT...Been there, done that.


There is nothing fundamentally different about medical data on SQL server. A database is a database is a database. However, you save considerable amount of time if you employ consultants who already posess strong domain-specific knowledge.


We are U.S. based. If you are a U.S. based entity, your data will never cross the border. We are located in sunny Pensacola, Florida.  If you are reading this page, you surely understand why this matters. We are one of very few database architecture processionals with healthcare exposure that can make this pledge.


We know the terminology. No, you don't have to take a whole day to teach us what CPT modifiers are. We got it.


We know the data formats. You don't have to teach us how to format HL7, nor buy us little tools to view them. We got them.


We know the Industry trend. We can advise on the use of ICD10 for example. We can even consult MDs on your behalf.


We know the players. Thinking Biztalk or Cloverleaf? We can help you with buy-vs-build decisions. Don't talk to their sales people - the reason should be obvious. We on the other hand, have a vested interest in YOUR success, not a sale of another license key. 


We do healthcare integration. Things like connecting different practice management systems (PM) to electric health records systems (EMR/EHR) is often a challenge. It's a challenge to set up and challenge to maintain. We can't promise you easy-peasy integration, anyone who says so it a lier. But we can take a lot of worries out of the process. Think of us like a local guide in this territory.


We do patient data extraction. Sometimes systems go ka-poof. Sometimes you need the patient details from the old decommissioned EMR from years ago. We've done some incredible, if we may say so ourselves, work to actually find the needle in haystack. Before giving up on that patient data, give us a call.


We do software archaeology. If you have your data trapped in an incredibly old database systems that nobody wants to touch, give us a call. We are first and foremost database pros - it's in our name - so you can bet we do a better job digging through data than general software contractors.


What to expect:  For a medical data management engagement, scope analysis tends to be a signigicant amount of work. After free initial consultation at 844-SQL-FAST, we ask that you allocate a small budget (8~16 billable hours) of scoping work to log on to your system, interview key personnel, construct mock environment on our end if applicable, to explore the next steps. 




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