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Performance Tuning

Let us tune your database at a fraction of the cost of full-time DBA.


We have the experience needed to fine-tune your database. While a simple query rewrites with some index tweaks often yield substantial performance gain, what sets us apart is our ability to make recommendations beyond index tweaks. For example, we evaluate if you can:


* Benefit from SQL Server®'s in-memory OLTP feature, new for 2014, for staggaring performance gain


* Set up additional servers via log shipping or replication to divert some workload


* Turn large tables into partitioned tables or paritioned views


* Denormalize complex joins while maintaining integrity


* Use CLR Programming to speed up stored procedures, functions and triggers


* Upgrade the weak link in the hardware - sometimes throwing hardware at it the correct answer!


* Use SQL Azure® as a cache


Interested? Find out about our Process and Pricing, and Contact Us at (844)-SQL-FAST (844-775-3278). 



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