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Tune It

Tuning customer databases is our bread and butter.


We go beyond query rewrites and index tuning, which many of our clients are capable of themselves - for that matter, SQL Server tunes itself very well. What we can add is a little insight to make it go even faster. Take, for instance, we can see if your database can benefit from in-memory OLTP in SQL 2014. Perhaps you can distribute workload among multiple servers. We can typically make it go faster on the same day you call, and leave you with high-impact recommendation on configuration and hardware.

Guard It

Securing SQL Server is a never-enging provess.


The scary part is, it's rather hard to tell if there is any security hole left open. Every situation is unique and there is no way an automated tool can tell if there is a gaping issue. That's where we come in and provide you with fresh perspectives. We recommend at least 8 hours of service to be through. For a very reasonable sum, you'll have some pointers to keep your database even more secure. In rare occasions we could not find anything to complain about, you'll receive 50% money back and bragging rights.

Fix It

OOPS happens.

We've all done it. Forgetting one thing in WHERE clause and killing massive amount of data. Someone doing something less than intelligent in a user app and deleting a whole bunch of data. While it is true that there is no UNDO button in SQL Server, there are certain actions we can take to recover the lost data. Initial consultation is always free, so why not give us a call? 

Modernize It

SQL Server 2014 is out.


If you are currently on older versions of Microsoft SQL Server, we can help you with the upgrade process from choosing the correct edition, hardware configuration to the actual migraiton work, with little to no downtime.

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