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Table to Mobile. Done.

Ever considered turning your data into a mobile app, so the user can reasily reference your data?


The possiblities are endless. You can outright sell it in app stores as reference apps, or offer it for free with company logo as a PR tool, or provide it with password as a premium customer benefit. 


One thing though. Ready for "sticket shock"? Well, we'd hate to give you one, but mobile dev is time consuming, and that simply means more consulting hours - there really isn't a way around it, if it is to be done right. Expect $5k~$10k outlay and $100 or so monthly to design and run a typical data query app with web interface to maintian data (yes, do think about the updates, you are in a deep hole if you design a data app with stale data that cannot be updated) But to put things in perspective, that's only one month salary of one software developer or one ad campaign. It just may be worth the cost.


Still there? Good. Call us at (844) SQL-FAST. 

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