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SQL Server Simple Facts

You know, in those blog pages of consulting firm like ours, people tend to brag about their expertise, uncovering tidbits about DMVs nobody uses or giving a history lesson about Dr. E.F.Codd. We can do that. And We are guilty of that too, sometimes.

But there's a place for "simple facts" too, and we think that there's relative lack of such simply stated facts on the web. Take, for instance, just google "Primary Key", and you are immediately overwhelmed by detailed CREATE TABLE statement syntax, history of ANSI and all that. Don't we all search the web for simple facts? We do too, so we're going to make our contribution in here - sharing some really simple facts that are common sense to us in this line of work, but a lot of people might spend hours on the web to find it. Like, What's an LSN. Would it kill anything if I named my backup file anything other than .bak extension. What on earth is nonclustered index anyway? What does "GO" statement really do? (well, okay, that one can turn into a deeper conversation..)

So here's an idea. Why don't we package these nuggets of knowledge in a bite-size, one-minute piece and provide them in a keyword-tagged, search-engine friendly blog post. Maybe with some cartoon. Stay tuned for our "Simple Facts in 1 minute" posts in coming days....

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